Ashley Lane is growing up right before our eyes and she is still the same beautiful person. Her long blonde hair flows over her sexy shoulders perfectly as she puts on a little show for us, slowly disrobing. She’s decided to go with a more natural look this day so you all get to enjoy some silky blonde pubic hair. It matches her stunning natural boobs. She’s a shy girl until you really get to know her - trust me we are learning new things about this exhibitionist every time we see her. (I can’t wait until the next time we get to play!) She runs her satin gloves all over her pale skin, digging her nails into her flesh ever so lightly. She has her clit hood pierced which makes it super sensitive and easily aroused - You are too right, while watching Ashley touch herself? Mmm feels good. Of course there is a vibrator close by and with pointed nylon toes she brings herself to eye rolling orgasm after orgasm after orgasm. Now someone’s ready for a nap.
Emily and Ruby really like each other, or at least they did back on this day! They certainly had fun putting on a little show for us. You can really tell Emily likes what she is doing and well, Ruby likes what Emily is doing - exploring. Finally their tongues meet and the sparks fly.
Kobe loves pantyhose. She loves latex too. What better for us then to dress her in both and turn the cameras on. She gives us quite the show! I love the sheer nylon on her warm skin. The way her shiny gloves contrast with the matte crotch of her pantyhose. Mmmm so smooth and silky. Enjoy!
Kobe knows how to work her body. She knows you like it when she wiggles her cute nylon toes. She knows the sound of her pantyhose covered legs sliding back and forth on each other really starts to give you a chubby. The sound of the latex squeaking against itself, the creak of the leather couch along with the visual of Kobe fondling her perky breasts? They’re so firm when she squeezes them. She stretches out her long legs exposing her sweet spot. You can just catch a glimpse of her pubic hair through her pantyhose before she starts to touch herself. She’s been looking right at you the whole time so she knows your getting really excited now - so is she! Her gloves slide over the nylon with ease adding just the right amount of friction to get Kobe’s pussy wet. She lays back on the couch and points her perfect little feet. Her pelvis begins to rick back and forth. I bet her pantyhose are soaking wet. She grabs a vibrator and really gets that gusset juicy! Her high arches are perfect in nylon against the contrast of the leather couch. Makes me just want to devour them as she makes herself cum. I bet Kobe’s having dirty thoughts to make herself orgasm. She’s just that kind of girl and we love that type of girl!
I told you she was a naughty girl! It doesn't take long for Angela to strip out of her clothing and get to work on one of her favorite toys. I will let the pics talk for themselves tonight. I'm speechless!

Jim on BondageCafe: These pictures are somewhat darker than some I've shot recently. That is mainly due to the setting that I used. This particular area (set) was created as a sort of "mad scientist" sort of thing - and the painting sort of reflects that. I am by no means a painter, so some of you more creative folks out there will have to give me a little slack. Plus, what are you doing looking at the background anyway... Mary Jane is known for her leggy sets. She's world renowned for it - so dressing her up in this particular outfit sort of made sense to me. The girdle (or longline garter belt) and top come from What Katie Did. I really liked the look of this particular line of lingerie that they recently released. I got a couple of long line girdles as well.. The whole concept was pretty subdued - but that is what I was going for... I hope you like the mood as much as you like Mary Jane here :)

It was an unusually warm December afternoon when Angela come by to shoot. She has on a leather skirt that barely covers her butt. We don't mind since it gives us a chase to look at her bodacious booty covered in nylon. I love the transparency of her pantyhose in contrast to her long boots. You can tell she really likes it al too. Although being the creature she is Angela Sommers must slip out of her clothing. And wait until you see what happens in part 2! You can see the video now!
Angela is taking advantage of a very warm December afternoon by lounging in the porch. Of course her idea of lounging might be considered a bit unusual. Her choice of leather jacket and miniskirt, sheer top, pantyhose and shiny, spiky thigh-high boots is not the outfit most girls would relax in, but they fit right in with Angela's kinky personality. She starts by stripping off her jacket and skirt, and stroking herself between her legs, her fingers moving outside and inside her nylons, rubbing against her moist clit. Once she is fully aroused, she pulls out her favorite dildo, moistens it in her mouth and then brings herself off by ramming it in and out of her dripping wet pussy. What a wonderful way to spend a beautiful winter afternoon.
Emily's always been a bit of a princess, I guess that's why this character comes naturally to her. She loves the adoration of all her fans. She loves to be dressed and primped upon. I can't say I blame a girl :)

In this set of photos, Emily is being shy and coy, teasing you with tiny glimpses of her treasures. She finds a chest and just can't keep away. What happens when she opens the chest? *poof* What is this stuff? She slips into a soft slumber and awakens with this need to please. She can't help but do what you want her to do. You want her to play with her pink parts? She doesn't need much to get down and dirty after her little nap! She bends over eagerly and shows you what in is in treasure chest!
Kendra came over to play with us the other day. Her beautiful red hair made us want to put her in the Batgirl costume. There were no complaints from this hottie! She put on the cape and cowl and the rest just fell into place. I think it looks stunning on her. Wouldn't you agree? You can tell she agrees just by the way she's touching herself. Bring a vibrator into the mix and you know Kendra is one happy girl! Make sure you catch the video to this set of photos!
Kendra James makes a very fetching Batgirl. Her gorgeous, curvy body looks great in the Batgirl suit and her radiant hair is the perfect shade of red. We open to find her lounging on the couch, completely unable to keep her hands off her body. We get nice long looks at her awesome high heeled ankle boots, and her legs encased in her tight purple catsuit. She fondles herself and then grabs a vibrator and brings herself to an endless stream of orgasms. I guess Batgirl is insatiable... sexy stuff.
Sabrina is some one we worked with years ago and lost track of. I don't think she is involved in the industry any more but i am glad we had the chance to work with her when we did. I think Jewel was still in makeup school when this photo set took place. It's a good thing Sabrina had such a fine canvas to work with. I hope you all like these pictures. I myself love the way the catsuit hugs all her curves and makes them shine!
Dee really likes her new black shiny teddy. The feeling of its tight stretchy fabric on her skin makes her instantly wet. Of course she has worn it for you - and her soft, silky nylons. The insanely high heeled vintage stiletto shoes complete a picture that is impossible to resist. She strokes and fondles her legs and body, rubbing the outside of the rubbery material against her crotch and then sliding her hand inside. Her touches become more furious and then she comes - but that is not the end. She grabs a vibrator, slides down on to the floor and brings herself to more gut wrenching orgasms. Dee is pretty much insatiable - which is a good thing because dressed like this, she is going to be getting a great deal of attention.
I love this girl! I have known her for almost as long as I have been in this business. We have been though much together and have had many fun adventures together. I love our long girl talks too. I wish we saw more of each other but we pick things right back up when we do get together. I'd call that true friendship. And.... have you seen her ass?!?!? These pictures showcase many of Dee's (formally Darling) assets. Dressed in a new leotard and sheer pantyhose Dee warms up to the camera, touching herself usually makes that happen quickly so get to it my dear. We just shot these a couple of days ago so this is pretty much Dee in real life. I love the realness of these pictures. If you want to know Dee then here ya go! I hope you like her as much as we do!

Angela and Randy really like each other. These pictures are a snippet of a movie Jim did with these girls. It's called "Curious Obssesion 2" You can get your copy at I recommend the Blu-Ray version for best quality!

Mary Jane is such a classic beauty. She has all the curves in all the right places and her legs go on forever. Her feet have some some of the sexiest arches around and she knows it. But don't worry she doesn't let it go to her head. But she does like to tease you with those things she knows you like. First she is covered in nylon pantyhose but adds a pair of silky full fashioned stockings over top. the layered nylon accentuates her long, curvy legs. She puts on her shiny boots and does a little show for you before taking them off again. She really does these boots and we can't blame her.
Mary Jane returns and gives everyone a good long hard look at her lovely legs and feet. She starts off dressed in a very tight black leather corset paired with a shiny pair of black pantyhose. She teases everyone, and then grabs a pair of very sheer black RHT stockings and slowly slides them on. She continues to tease and then puts on a pair of gorgeous six-inch high black patent leather stiletto heeled boots. Mary Jane really does love playing dress up. She is the true answer to the 50's naughty pin-up girl. After posing and sliding around on the red velvet couch for awhile, she removes her boots and plays with her stocking feet. A great video for those fans of tight lingerie and gorgeous gams. - Jim
This dress fits Christina like a glove and she loves it! You can tell she has a little sass in these pictures. It's one of the things we love about her. You even get to see her mouth watering pussy through her sheer pantyhose in this set. Her long legs and hourglass figure make us all feel very small and submissive when she stands up. It's almost like we would do anything for this tall goddess - almost! But first lets watch her have some fun with herself!
I posted the video that goes along with these pictures a few days ago. I hope you like the photos as much as the video! You can really tell Cherie likes these ballet boots can't you? I'd say she was pretty fond of the leather gloves and silky sheer pantyhose too. I know that I'm a fan of her perfect ass in nylon so sheer you can see everything. Do you agree with me?
Her toes are forced into a point position because of the tight leather boots laced around her legs. She really really likes them. Her leather gloves glide seamlessly over her pantyhose covered ass. It’s fantabulous! Cherie talks to the camera as she shows herself off. The leather creaks - her pussy gets wet. She splits her legs from one end of the couch to the other to show off her flexibility and her assets! She even pulls one legs backwards over her head! If she wasn’t wearing pantyhose you’d be able to look deep into her vagina! Her thoughts get naughty and her hand goes into her pantyhose. She’s getting VERY excited! It’s a good thing for us that she has a vibrator near by - she begins to grind her hips into the vibrator teasing herself. Feels so good doesn’t it! One is never enough when it comes to girls and orgasms in our world. It’s a good thing Cherie belongs in our world cuz she’s going to have more than one orgasm here. She tightly crosses her ankles and fucks the vibrator between her legs. I bet she likes bondage too! Mmmmm those are some juicy pantyhose Cherie! How many orgasms was that anyway? Someone’s a happy girl!