She’s dressed in leather and silky nylon and she adores these leather boots. Emily Addison slides her foot in and begins to lace up these leather stiletto's. It is quite the feet when you consider she's wearing leather gloves as well. She's a true talent and deserves a reward. How about that vibrator near by? Great idea! Now we get to watch her really have fun.
Eden Wells is such a classic beauty. You will always find her looking her best. I love the cut of this Sue Nice corset. It nips her n just the right spot giving her the tiny waist and luscious hips we all love. I don't know anyone who doesn't love that hourglass figure.
Let's all ease back into the week with a little Dita Von Teese from the past. This gal is nonstop go. I give her so much credit for her career. If only we could all have the same smarts as she does as well as the beauty. There is no one like her! Often imitated but never reproduced - is that how the saying goes? Hope you enjoy this relaxing set.
In this second part of Christina Carter as her signature character O-girl things really heat up! It's like that song that's popular right now I can't keep my hands off myself - oh wait that's not right ;)
She’s dressed in leather and silky nylon. Emily Addison plays with her riding crop, running it up and down her body with a few quick smacks here and there. She grabs the vibrator that’s close by and of course has to play with it too. She learns it is attached to a controller that controls the speed of the vibration. It is pretty nifty! She can’t help but arch her back as her climax nears. She seems to come over and over again. She flips over so we can see her glorious ass and vibrates herself from behind. Her hand begins to tremble almost right away. That’s a good sign right Emily? Mmmm so good. Next she takes off her boots - a real talent considering she does it with her leather gloves on!
I do believe this was one our first shoots with the stunning Randy Moore (previously Marie Valentine for those who keep track). It's amazing to watch someone grow into who they truly are. Randy continues to warm hearts everywhere. I hope she is enjoying herself where ever she may be these days. It's so hard to keep up with everyone. She is a true jet setter!

Many of you have asked about my return to modeling. As much as love the end results I just don't have the time to dedicate to such a skillful craft. But!!!! I do have these last pictures Jim took of me back in 2012 that have not been seen as a set before. There is a picture from this day in his book however. You can find that at I had a lot of fun with this shoot however it did snap me back into reality and gave me much more appreciation to the gals we work with. Bravo ladies! You make this job look easy!

Caroline Charmers, aka O-girl, (Christina Carter), and Marie Chersan, aka Nylonika (Kendra James), are relaxing at home, looking forward to their upcoming boat trip. Both dressed in sexy vintage girdles and fully fashioned stockings, they begin to play with each other and just before Caroline can bring Marie to orgasm, a call comes in on the O-phone from Capital City police headquarters. O-girl is informed of the passing of Apparel Obsessia girl Debra Walsh, who was found exfixiated with a bunch of stockings. She is also informed that another AO girl Allison Quivers has gone missing. Obviously something is amiss and Caroline and Marie change, making their startling transformation into O-girl and Nylonika! They are on the case!
As some fans have said there is no one like Ms Carter and her portrayal of O-girl - Jim's very own superheroine - and I would have to agree. There's a reason it has been her role exclusively! Make sure you grab the video that goes along with the pictures. As you will notice this is only part 1 of 2. The rest of the set should be up in the next day or so. I hope you enjoy the way that even O-girl puts her pants (pantyhose) on one foot at a time!
This little red dress does such wonderful things to all the gals who wear it. It hugs Danielle's delicious curves perfectly. The sheer nude pantyhose and high heels aren't so bad either!
Caroline Charmers (Christina Carter) sits in her swanky midtown apartment looking through a sexy bondage book when the O-phone buzzes. It is the Commissioner on the phone. He tells her that there has been a theft at the Capital City Art Gallery. She hangs up the phone and puts her O-girl costume on. Once dressed and about to leave the phone buzzes again - it was a false alarm. She won't be needed after all. O-girl is all dressed up with no where to go. She decides that she is just too horny not to touch herself.

Then she notices that you are watching her. She engages you, asking what you most like about her outfit. Is it her stiletto heeled boots, her nylons, her corset, or all of it together? Maybe it's that she is always getting into perilous situations; Being tied up and helpless, sinking in quicksand, or tied down and mercilessly vibed to orgasm over and over and over again. This last one is her favorite! Oh look a vibrator magically appears in her hand and she brings herself to orgasm. Mmmm just the way you like it.

A seriously sexy video for O-girl fans... Yowza!
These pictures not only show you Sara's beauty and extremely long legs but also her fun loving personality. This corset does wonders to her figure. The contrast between her long legs and her curvy waist is cartoonish. She is a living, breathing, walking John Willie drawing - well maybe not walking in these heels! She is one of the few models we shoot who has full pubic hair. Her fans love it. I think the bush is coming back anyway. It takes all kinds to make this world go around and i am so thankful for that!
This set is a revisit from the past. There were 9 images previously posted. I think would you agree that there are a lot more than 9 pictures that were good! Her hair color may have changed but this gal is still a super sexy vixen!
Angela loves fetish but this girl loves to be naked! Well except for her garter belt and stockings. she's a pro at taking her clothes off too! She loves the art of the tease. Make sure you grab the video to match this set.
Cherie is so thankful for her new shoes. The 7 inch stiletto really has her excited. She shows off her bare booty and how long her legs are. She loves the soft silky feel of her fully fashioned stockings against her skin, it's mouthwatering. The way she can spread her legs and give her leg a long lick as she teases her pussy - I'm dying! She shows us all the ways she wants to be taken. Are you game?
She kicks her leaner heel back and forth as the camera pans up her stocking cored legs. She slides her hands up her leather skirt to her latex blouse. So many textures so feel and absorb. Angela is in heaven. She bats her big eyes at you as she slowly strips out her her clothing. Mmmmm zippers for easy access to all of Angela’s juicy parts was a brilliant idea. She rubs the leather on herself before slipping out of her skirt. As much as she loves fetish wear Angela is a nudist! This woman loves to be naked! Next her bra comes off, then her shoes fall to the floor leaving her nylon feet exposed. Of course there just happens to be a vibrator near by and she gets to work pleasing her pink pussy all while grabbing her boob. Lifting one her legs to her ear helps get her over the edge and to her final orgasmic destination.
These pics came from a custom Candle asked Jim to do. The customer provided the stockings and Candle provided her long long legs. I love how sheer these black stockings are. I'd say Candle thought they were silky soft. They certainly frame her booty perfectly!
Here is a lovely long set of Christina.... Some of these are just super hot... :) - I would have to agree with you Jim! Some of these photos are HOT!!! Leave us a comment and let us know what you think.
Cherie is so thankful for her new shoes. The 7 inch stiletto really has her excited. She shows off her bare booty and her ability to stand in these extreme heels. The soft silky feel of her fully fashioned stockings against her skin is mouthwatering. The way she can spread her legs and give her leg a long lick before she just has to tease her pussy. She can’t help but point her toes when she takes one of her shoes off. You can just imagine what is going through her mind as she licks that heel. Masturbating with her new shoe, breaking it in against her clit is just what you want right? Well she certainly wanted that. With a cute little giggle she lets one shoe dangle and then drop to the floor. She rubs her nylon feet and legs together creating that noise… you know the one. Once she brings out the Magic Wand she can’t help but gyrate her hips. She teases her clit with it as she talks to you. You want to see her cum don’t you? She’s such a tease though! The closer she gets to cumming, the wider she spreads her legs - It’s titillating.
This set of Karina, shot back in 2004 reminds me of why I love this Jim Weathers site. I finally get to show the world some of the classic stuff that Jim has shot. I hope Karina gets to see these too. In fact! Jim and I get to see Karina this summer. It's been a long time but it will be nice to sit back and discuss all the things happening in our lives. Karina was one of those models we worked with that became a true friend. She is also the Queen of all things ballet. This was the first shoot we did with these boots. Unfortunately the original designer has passed away so you can't buy them for yourself but you can certainly enjoy them here with us! Love this set. Her personality really shows through in the photos.