Dee really likes her new black shiny teddy. The feeling of its tight stretchy fabric on her skin makes her instantly wet. Of course she has worn it for you - and her soft, silky nylons. The insanely high heeled vintage stiletto shoes complete a picture that is impossible to resist. She strokes and fondles her legs and body, rubbing the outside of the rubbery material against her crotch and then sliding her hand inside. Her touches become more furious and then she comes - but that is not the end. She grabs a vibrator, slides down on to the floor and brings herself to more gut wrenching orgasms. Dee is pretty much insatiable - which is a good thing because dressed like this, she is going to be getting a great deal of attention.
I love this girl! I have known her for almost as long as I have been in this business. We have been though much together and have had many fun adventures together. I love our long girl talks too. I wish we saw more of each other but we pick things right back up when we do get together. I'd call that true friendship. And.... have you seen her ass?!?!? These pictures showcase many of Dee's (formally Darling) assets. Dressed in a new leotard and sheer pantyhose Dee warms up to the camera, touching herself usually makes that happen quickly so get to it my dear. We just shot these a couple of days ago so this is pretty much Dee in real life. I love the realness of these pictures. If you want to know Dee then here ya go! I hope you like her as much as we do!

Angela and Randy really like each other. These pictures are a snippet of a movie Jim did with these girls. It's called "Curious Obssesion 2" You can get your copy at I recommend the Blu-Ray version for best quality!

Mary Jane is such a classic beauty. She has all the curves in all the right places and her legs go on forever. Her feet have some some of the sexiest arches around and she knows it. But don't worry she doesn't let it go to her head. But she does like to tease you with those things she knows you like. First she is covered in nylon pantyhose but adds a pair of silky full fashioned stockings over top. the layered nylon accentuates her long, curvy legs. She puts on her shiny boots and does a little show for you before taking them off again. She really does these boots and we can't blame her.
Mary Jane returns and gives everyone a good long hard look at her lovely legs and feet. She starts off dressed in a very tight black leather corset paired with a shiny pair of black pantyhose. She teases everyone, and then grabs a pair of very sheer black RHT stockings and slowly slides them on. She continues to tease and then puts on a pair of gorgeous six-inch high black patent leather stiletto heeled boots. Mary Jane really does love playing dress up. She is the true answer to the 50's naughty pin-up girl. After posing and sliding around on the red velvet couch for awhile, she removes her boots and plays with her stocking feet. A great video for those fans of tight lingerie and gorgeous gams. - Jim
This dress fits Christina like a glove and she loves it! You can tell she has a little sass in these pictures. It's one of the things we love about her. You even get to see her mouth watering pussy through her sheer pantyhose in this set. Her long legs and hourglass figure make us all feel very small and submissive when she stands up. It's almost like we would do anything for this tall goddess - almost! But first lets watch her have some fun with herself!
I posted the video that goes along with these pictures a few days ago. I hope you like the photos as much as the video! You can really tell Cherie likes these ballet boots can't you? I'd say she was pretty fond of the leather gloves and silky sheer pantyhose too. I know that I'm a fan of her perfect ass in nylon so sheer you can see everything. Do you agree with me?
Her toes are forced into a point position because of the tight leather boots laced around her legs. She really really likes them. Her leather gloves glide seamlessly over her pantyhose covered ass. It’s fantabulous! Cherie talks to the camera as she shows herself off. The leather creaks - her pussy gets wet. She splits her legs from one end of the couch to the other to show off her flexibility and her assets! She even pulls one legs backwards over her head! If she wasn’t wearing pantyhose you’d be able to look deep into her vagina! Her thoughts get naughty and her hand goes into her pantyhose. She’s getting VERY excited! It’s a good thing for us that she has a vibrator near by - she begins to grind her hips into the vibrator teasing herself. Feels so good doesn’t it! One is never enough when it comes to girls and orgasms in our world. It’s a good thing Cherie belongs in our world cuz she’s going to have more than one orgasm here. She tightly crosses her ankles and fucks the vibrator between her legs. I bet she likes bondage too! Mmmmm those are some juicy pantyhose Cherie! How many orgasms was that anyway? Someone’s a happy girl!
Jenna Lyte is still one of my all time favorite models. She truly is a natural beauty. I love the way she slips and slides across the bed. Every movement is so sexual without her even trying. And man.... that ass!
I told you! She is so naughty! I love everything about Kobe! I bet she was thinking about being tied up while she was playing with herself. I love how she comes out of her shell and really opens up. It truly is a thing of beauty!
These 3 had been friends for years before we shot this set. In fact if I am not mistaken Jim shot Emily and Randy together in their first girl girl scene together. I don't think these 3 have shot together for anyone since this either! But you can see the chemistry they all have in these pictures. Every one is going to walk away happy at the end of this set... just you watch. Don't forget your tissues!

This is the set of photos where I discovered just what a naughty girl Candle can be. I hope you enjoy it! Make sure you shoe and foot fetish fans check this out.

Cafe: Candle is back and ready for action. Dressed in a lovely transparent open-breast latex corselette made by Laura at Vex Clothing (who will be moving to California this year - 2016!!!) and black nylon fully-fashioned stockings, Candle exposes it all in this very extended cheesecake set... enjoy.

Kobe has such a shy, sweet ambience about her. Walking down the street you would never think twice about her innocence. But let me tell you, she's a naughty naughty girl and we love it. In the first part of this set of pictures we find Kobe getting comfortable with the camera. Her stiletto high heels are so pointy on her tiny feet. She makes sure to let her shoe dangle for you while she is taking them off. She even lets you sneak a peak at her busy pussy! I agree - finger licking good Kobe! Her silky legs slide against each other so smoothly. She sees something off camera. What could i be? By that smile you know it's a vibrator. Make sure to catch part 2 to see just what Kobe does with that vibrator!
Kobe is so coy. That little smile she gives you to let you know that yes, she is flirting with you. She likes it when you watch her. She shows off her stocking legs and makes sure dangle her shoe for you as she takes them off. With her gloves hand she begins to touch herself. Her pussy is getting very excited. Her leg is up in the air and her toes are pointed. She is ready to go! What do you think she’s thinking about while she teases herself? I bet you it’s fantasies of being tied up in bondage. She turns on her mini vibrator and sets to work. Don’t be fooled by it’s size. It certainly does the job. See… size doesn’t matter *wink* her pussy is so wet now that her glass toy slips in very easily. It slips in and out as she keeps the vibrator on her clit. Kobe is such a naughty girl and we love her for it! You’ve never seen a Kobe Lee and Jim Weathers collaboration like this before!
Jim has known Jewell Marceau for years. This was shot back in 2004 and she has come so far in her career since then. I am really proud of her strong woman prowess. She is her own producer now as well as running marathons and doing Pro Domme sessions. If there is one thing I can say about this woman is that she is determined and focused. Oh, and she has a huge foot and shoe fetish! Make sure you check out her Twitter and tell her we say hi!!
She’s dressed in leather and silky nylon and she adores these leather boots. Emily Addison slides her foot in and begins to lace up these leather stiletto's. It is quite the feet when you consider she's wearing leather gloves as well. She's a true talent and deserves a reward. How about that vibrator near by? Great idea! Now we get to watch her really have fun.
Eden Wells is such a classic beauty. You will always find her looking her best. I love the cut of this Sue Nice corset. It nips her n just the right spot giving her the tiny waist and luscious hips we all love. I don't know anyone who doesn't love that hourglass figure.
Let's all ease back into the week with a little Dita Von Teese from the past. This gal is nonstop go. I give her so much credit for her career. If only we could all have the same smarts as she does as well as the beauty. There is no one like her! Often imitated but never reproduced - is that how the saying goes? Hope you enjoy this relaxing set.
In this second part of Christina Carter as her signature character O-girl things really heat up! It's like that song that's popular right now I can't keep my hands off myself - oh wait that's not right ;)
She’s dressed in leather and silky nylon. Emily Addison plays with her riding crop, running it up and down her body with a few quick smacks here and there. She grabs the vibrator that’s close by and of course has to play with it too. She learns it is attached to a controller that controls the speed of the vibration. It is pretty nifty! She can’t help but arch her back as her climax nears. She seems to come over and over again. She flips over so we can see her glorious ass and vibrates herself from behind. Her hand begins to tremble almost right away. That’s a good sign right Emily? Mmmm so good. Next she takes off her boots - a real talent considering she does it with her leather gloves on!